Bulldog Breeding according to Hutchison

The traditional and proper breeding
of healthy purebred English Bulldogs

  • Live view of the litters
  • Happy and healthy animals
  • Well connected internationally
  • Natural birth and rearing

Breeding since 1992

The breeder, Heidi Leibundgut, has been breeding English Bulldogs successfully
since 1992. Goodbody’s English Bulldog breeding places
great importance on naturalness and the original characteristics
of the English Bulldog.

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English Bulldogs are very good-natured, family-friendly, suited for
apartments, quiet and easy to care for.

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English Bulldogs are not kennel dogs. They love to be with the
family and require a short walk two or three times a day.
They need food once or twice a day. English Bulldogs
particularly like an English climate.

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