The pups of the first generation

Bitch giving birth naturally


Bitch: Goodbody’s Happy-End – call name: Happy
Pups: Ch. Goodbody’s Leela Lollipop and 5 additional siblings
Date of litter: 22 June 2000

The following article appeared in an 2012 issue of Anifit. It deals with the first natural birth in Goodbody’s kennel in June 2000. The mother dog was my first bitch to give birth naturally. Among her pups was Champion Goodbody’s Leela Lollipop, in short Lili, the 2nd generation bitch to give birth naturally.


First bitch to give birth naturally

Every breeder someday has bad luck; for me it was in 1996 and 1997. An unsuccessful litter by means of a C-section and all the pups were still-born. Then a litter with only one pup, again a C-section. I had no choice but to keep this one pup, otherwise I would have lost one of my two breeding lines. This lady was named ‘Goodbody’s Happy-End’ SHSB 559,353, whelped 7 November 1997 and called Happy.
Nobody could understand why I kept Happy because she was no beauty. I knew, however, that I had never had such an energetic and tenacious bitch.


From the outset, these never-ending C-sections and unnatural rearings have been a thorn in my side. To this day, many breeders believe that English Bulldogs cannot give birth naturally and would die during a natural birth. The C-section appointment is determined in advance, without giving the bitch a chance to whelp. The mother dog is often so groggy after the birth due to the strong anaesthesia that the pups are not left with the mother because of the danger of being crushed. The mother comes into contact with her pups only as a milk bar. These breeders are convinced that they are raising their pups with special devotion! For me this is nothing but animal cruelty, for what mother doesn’t want to be with her baby!


On 22 July 2000, Happy began having dilation contractions, and I telephoned my veterinarian as usual for the birth. He had gone hunting and was not available. What now? So I tried what the vast majority of breeders fear to this day. Success: my first naturally born litter with six perfectly healthy pups (L1 litter), whose mother could take care of them day and night. Happy, by the way, lived to be almost 12 years old and became the first Swiss Veteran Champion.