What you have to pay attention to when purchasing an English Bulldog:

  • Do not support any deal on the Internet! You risk not even getting a stuffed animal for the sales price you paid.
  • Take a look at the breeding kennel beforehand, and visit your pup on occasion. This is the only way you will know how the pups are being kept.
  • Check the vaccination certificate.
  • Check the pedigree.


Is a pedigree important?

Yes, definitely. It has to be issued by the Swiss Kennel Club (SKG) or another national association. All other ‘home-made’ pedigrees are not recognised internationally and do not give any assurance regarding the purity of the breed and in particular correct and species-appropriate rearing.


In a recognised and inspected breeding kennel, a species-appropriate rearing is required and regularly checked by the responsible breed club or national association.

For whom is the English Bulldog suited?

If you are looking for a constant companion whom you can take almost everywhere or who can enjoy life with you together in the house or garden, then the English Bulldog is exactly right for you.


Of course we attend the obligatory dog classes with our Bulldogs and sometimes a training class as well. But often such a class is not at all necessary since English Bulldogs have a very good recall and do not go far from their owner. Exception: chasing unfamiliar cats! On such occasions, the English Bulldog will show you what he can do! He is incredibly fast at a short distance (approx. 500 m). You don’t stand a chance of catching up with him. Also please do not underestimate the strength that a Bulldog can display. The English Bulldog is the bodybuilder among dog breeds. Therefore an English Bulldog belongs on a leash on streets and in public!

When is an English Bulldog NOT advisable?

An English Bulldog is not at all suited for the following demands. If the dog is kept in in the following way, neither human nor animal will be happy:

  • Completely unsuited as a sporting dog of any kind: agility, mobility, tracking, hunting, etc.


If you intend to do any kind of dog sport, look for another breed.