When is the bulldog healthy?

The health of the dog is the top priority for us. With a healthy English Bulldog, you have a true companion for many years with whom you can experience many beautiful moments. The dog is also happy and satisfied when it comes from a dedicated and serious breeding kennel.


During rearing, Goodbody’s Bulldogs are wormed several times, vaccinated, bear a microchip, have an SKG (Swiss Kennel Club) pedigree and will in all likelihood live to be approx. 10 to 12 years without any operations.


You should absolutely avoid dubious pup offers on the Internet or classified ads from unregulated breeders and not support these often questionable breeding activities.


It is difficult for a buyer to precisely evaluate the health condition of a dog. We recommend a visit to a veterinarian so that you can be reassured and certain that you have purchased a healthy dog. The veterinarian can check the dog thoroughly and quickly determine whether something serious is lacking in the animal. Furthermore, a serious breeder will be available to you with advice and assistance, even at night in case of an emergency.


For problems and on request, I refer my dog owners to one of my veterinarians.


Here you can find as an example the vaccination card of our bitch Zaba: Zaba’s vaccination card