The character of the English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are very good-natured. They are family and child-friendly and have a very sweet-tempered nature. They also get on very well with other pets. This distinctive friendliness coupled with willpower and fearlessness is what makes the English Bulldog so unique. Anyone who knows this character will want to have it again and again.


The English Bulldog is best kept as a single dog or as a pair. They love contact with the person they are attached to or their family members.


They are suited to apartments thanks to their calm nature. But they are especially happy in a house with a garden.

English Bulldogs prefer having two or three short walks a day for a maximum of 20 minutes each. Since they are relaxed dogs, they do not like having long walks. The breed’s physique also simply does not allow this.

The English Bulldog is best fed once or twice daily with dry food. When the dogs are fed quality food, they will furthermore have a pleasant odour.