General information about caring for an English Bulldog

They are not kennel dogs. They love the English climate and prefer to be near the person they are attached to.

They need food once or twice a day.


Fresh water must always be available to the dog.


If you have to leave the dog for a short time in the car, open the window without fail. The dog must not be left in the car at high temperatures. Otherwise the dog is threatened with a fatal heat stroke.


English Bulldogs do not need a lot of exercise. They are content with a 20-minute daily walk if a garden is available.


The dog can be kept in an apartment as well as a house. The rooms in which he may move around should be spacious. He also really loves to exercise in the garden.


A shady place should always be available to the dog during the warm summer months. Furthermore, it is imperative to make sure that a fresh supply of sufficient drinking water is always available. Occasionally hosing down the dog is also a pleasant refreshment for him.

In the summer, English Bulldogs love to lay down on the hottest rocks until they are nearly cooking. Be sensible and put a stop to this after approx. 15 minutes.


Special information that you must pay attention to in the different stages of the dog’s life:

0-12 months

It is important for the pups that you supervise them well and establish sufficient closeness to people. Just like with humans, there are also certain illnesses, growing pains or teething problems that can occur in dogs during the growth phase. The breeder will know what to do.


Starting at 12 months

Grown-up dogs can be easily left alone in the house for up to 4 hours.

Completely unsuited as a kennel dog in every phase of life (see my „Instruction Manual“ for English Bulldogs)