The Employees at Goodbody’s Bulldogs


Breeder since 1992


My cynological curriculum vitae

My grandparents’ male boxer laid next to my crib. When I was five, a 10-week-old female German Shepherd arrived at the house, and I was totally carried away. Lexy was always with me, or I with her. Later when I was 23, my mother and I adopted a 3-year-old Rottweiler male named Beno. I joined the local SKG (Swiss Kennel Club) group in Wengi with him and have become an SKG veteran after 25 years.


In 1985 I married a man who did not like to go on long walks, but nevertheless wanted a dog of his own! We therefore started looking for a suitable breed. We opted for an English Bulldog. His name was Twist, and two years later he got a colleague, Lulu, and then Savannah. My breeder at the time persuaded me to rear a litter of pups.


My first Bulldog litter was in 1992. Others hit the jackpot in the lottery. I had a basket full of champions in my very first litter. The most famous among them was ‘Goodbody’s Alistair’, 1994 world winner in Bern, VDH (German Kennel Club) European winner, twice club winner and 5-time champion. Two years later, his daughter ‘Goldengrove Angara’ was also a world winner in Hungary.


Until 2002, I was constantly at dog shows and bred many champions. I had about one litter a year, and in 2000 I succeeded in having the first natural birth with ‘Goodbody’s Happy-End’. Today the fifth generation of natural birthing bitches are with me.


Starting in 1995, I organised the Bulldog club show during the next 15 years.


In 2004, I passed the examination as a show judge for the Swiss Kennel Club (SKG). Today I am an international breed judge for English Bulldogs, St. Bernards and French Bulldogs and a judge candidate for Boston Terriers.


I was for many years president of the breed commission in the SKG and now for the second time am president of the Swiss Bulldog club and previously also president of the St. Bernard club. Furthermore, I am treasurer of the Swiss toy dog club
My weakness for Molosser and brachcycephalic (short-nosed) breeds is apparent. It is really important to me to show that the English Bulldog is a healthy breed, which lives to be 10 to 12 years old, can bear naturally and normally grows old without operations.




Graduate, certified animal caretaker in training (final exam in June 2016).


At Goodbody’s since February 2015.
She takes care of the dogs lovingly and very reliably so that I can tend to my businesses during the week.




An institution in dog breeding with many years of experience as a veterinarian employee. She helps out when I want to go to a dog show. We regularly exchange our knowledge and experience.


At Goodbody’s since 2011.