Information about the English Bulldog

Goodbody’s Bulldogs Kennel follows the breed standard of J. Hay Hutchinson.


You will find in the following document all the information about the perfect Bulldog in words and pictures.

The Perfect Bulldog by J. Hay Hutchison


The Swiss Club for English Bulldogs received permission in 1977 to translate and publish Hutchison’s book in German.

Shows the perfect frontal view in connection with neck and head.



Shows the perfect form of the ‘wheel back’ consisting of a line that falls away slightly behind the withers to then rise slightly to the loins and again to fall away in a sudden curve to the lower lying root of the tail.

Shows the perfect shape of the hind legs from different angles. In the left illustration, the hock is turned minimally inward so that the rear pastern and the paw are set slightly outward. On the right you can see the perfect shape of the hind leg with the elongated strong muscles from hip to hock.